Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Mints and neatness!

Happy Saturday Morning!!! I am grateful to have a few minutes this morning to post. Please forgive the photography, switched computers and can't figure out how to edit my photos yet.
I am also grateful to have had some time over the last couple of days to make a lot of these sour cream containers filled with Wintergreen Lifesavers that will be at each place setting at my parents house and Johns sister's house on Thanksgiving. I made so many that I can give them to my co workers on Wednesday too! I love making these because they are sooooo EASY!!!!!!
I used 4" X 6" pieces of scrapbooking paper for these. Cutting from a 12" X 12" sheet of paper leaves no scraps!!! YEA!!!!!!!!
I get a little over zealous when I make things to give away. So I already dropped a batch off at my moms. This is an embellished box for Johns sister filled with the little mint containers.

I just had to add this because it looked so neat and clean!!!! I wish I would have taken a before picture, what a mess!!!!! Last night I cleaned out the cupboards in my laundry room and made room for all the junk that was sitting on the dryer. Lots of junk!!!!!
I had seen the idea of a lamp in the laundry room at other sites in the past. We had an extra lamp we didn't know what to do with and voila' found a spot for it!!!! I found the laundry sign at the Lodi Street Faire last year. Nice touch!!! Grabbed a table runner I had on hand and now I have a nice clean little laundry room!!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend and A Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Remember to count your blessings and be generous with the hugs!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving 2 weeks away? Get out of town!

Seriously, Thanksgiving is really only 2 weeks away? I can hardly believe it! Although I am still in disbelief I am going to go with it and get ready for it!

Luckily my Stampin' Up club met last Thursday night and we created a couple of beautiful cards and a mint container to put on the Thanksgiving plates.
These of course are all supplies from Stampin' Up. I love this stamp set that includes the tiny little acorn, the lovely fall leaves and the Gratitude stamp and the cool flower on the left.We also made this little sour cream container that holds a couple big Wintergreen Lifesavers. I am going to make these for our plates on Thanksgiving (more to come on that) I swear to you that these are so easy you don't even need pictures! These little guys take 1 piece of scrapbooking paper 4 1/4" X 2 3/4". For a quick tutorial go here.
I also plan on making a little plate of these cuties again this year to put out for pre-dinner snacks. I found this cute idea at Jen's Lipstick and Laundry blog last fall. Another very super easy thing to make.
You need mini vanilla wafers, Hershey Kisses and chocolate frosting. Unwrap the kiss dab a little frosting on it and stick it to the bottom of the vanilla wafer. You then dab a bit of frosting on the tip of your knife and dab on the cookie to look like a stem! Cute project to get the kids involved with too!!!!

The crisp air, the raindrops, thoughts of getting together with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of the reasons I am so in love with Fall!!!!!
Hope you too are getting ready for the upcoming Holiday Season!
Hope you are having a great week too!
Happy Veterans Day!