Saturday, July 30, 2011

I love Saturdays!!!!

Saturday 7/30 checklist
1. Cinnamon tea with honey! check
2. Make Sugar Donut Muffins (recipe found at Pintrest). check
3. Go for a 45 minute bike ride. check
4. Get a 1 hr massage and sugar scrub with a 50% off Groupon. check
1. Started my Saturday morning with delicious Mexican Cinnamon tea and honey!! I love this stuff just as much as my Starbucks Skinny Vanilla latte and it is less expensive! I found the tea at Rancho San Miguel Mexican market. So far this is the only straight cinnamon tea I have found. If you have found a good one elsewhere please let me know.
Then it was on to trying a new recipe I discovered while perusing Had to make these Sugar Donut Muffins. We all liked them and I will be making them again! Perfect to make for breakfast or brunch! You can find the recipe here:
If you have not discovered pintrest yet, you have to check it out! I am totally hooked. It is a site for everything creative, photography, wedding/event planning, recipes, and everything else!!!
I am still figuring out how to navigate through it, but I have already found great wedding ideas and several recipes I have to try. I even found an origami star pattern for my son to make.
Next it was on to a nice cool morning bike ride. I have been taking advantage of breezy mornings and evenings to get lots of bike riding time! I love riding my beach cruiser!!!!
Then after a quick shower I headed off to take advantage of a wonderful groupon that I purchased a few months ago. I got a total body sugar scrub and 1 hour massage for $40.00!! Score!!
It was wonderful and much needed!!!! Another site you have to check out if you haven't already, You sign up to get daily emails of great discounts in your area.
After the massage I noticed Kat's Cakes was accross the street and was able to order our wedding cake.
I love Saturdays!!! I hope you had a great one too and have a wonderful weekend!!!!
Talk to you soon!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting back into the swing of things

I haven't posted since before Easter!!! What the heck?
I have let my job stress me out and keep me from doing some of the things I love!!
No crafting, no blogging make me a crazy girl!!!!!
I haven't even kept up on checking in on my favorite bloggers!!! Nor have I made any effort in the arrangements for the quickly approaching October 9th wedding!!!!
I can say that the big project at work is coming to an end!!! The stress should go way down by the end of the month!!!
Tonight I perused a few of my favorite blogs and this is what I found!
My friend Emily is back up over at Bunch of Scrap! Glad to see her back!
I also had to print out recipes that I must try from Crafty Sisters (Apple Toffee French toast bake, Blueberry Pecan french toast bake and Breakfast Egg Casserole) and Lick the Bowl Good (Chewy lime coconut sugar cookies)!
And I see my friend Julia at Julia Luvs 2 Stamp is making some great cards!!!
Hope you have been having a great summer!!! I am loving these cool evenings!!!
Hope to get back to you soon with some recipe reviews and some wedding favor creations!!!
Be back soon!