Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just a little catching up...

It is so hard for me to believe that my daughter will be entering her 4th year of college in August. Even harder to believe that my baby boy started the 7th grade this last Tuesday. Here is my handsome young son on his first day of school. Seems like just yesterday my daughter was starting 7th grade! Wow! I planted 4 pumpkin plants a couple of months ago. This is what they looked like a month or so ago. This is what they look like today! WOW!!! I think I am going to have lots of pumpkins!!! It has been so much fun to water them and watch them grow!!!! I can't wait for the harvest! Pumpkin pie anyone?

I just love the blooms! I sure hope I get some nice big pumpkins this fall!
Other than school starting and watching pumpkins grow, I have lots of irons in the fire.

Still working on my parents 50th Anniversary cruise in February. And although, we aren't officially planning our small wedding until after that, I have been doing some internet surfing and have found some cool wedding cupcake tiers, some cool favors and have found the style of wedding dress I want. Just saving the info for later.

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of weeks.

I have 2 crafting dates scheduled for August so I promise to do a couple of crafts posts soon!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 cool things to share! Blogging madness!!!!

Wow! I went from barely posting at all to having so many cool things to share that I squeeze 3 posts into 1!!!

First I must thank Emily at Bunch of Scrap for making me the coolest basket liner for my bike!!!
Here is the finished product lined nicely in my Bell basket!!!

Emilie wasn't sure of her sewing skills, but check out the matching zippered pouch she made with the leftover fabric. I am so impressed!!!! I don't even sew, let alone figure out how to deal with a zipper!!! Great job! I say thanks thanks thanks for sewing for me! I may hot have any sewing experience, however I know my way around paper and ribbon :)
I saw the tutorial for this purse over at Card Scraps Blog. I didn't think it looked too difficult so I gave it a try last night. I was right, not too difficult at all!!! Luckily, I had the top note and scallop die cuts from Stampin' Up. Just needed the adhesive, ribbon and embellishments and voila!! a cute little purse!!! I think these would look so cool in leopard and zebra print paper!!! I wish I had a luncheon or shower coming up to make these for!!! Anyone need some for a special occasion? I would love to make them!!!!
Lastly, just something cool to share! Did I tell you I love Chinese Lanterns? Well I do.
When we had my daughters high school graduation party I decorated the backyard with them.
I found these nice bright colored nylon lanterns in the Avon catalog of all places! These lanterns take 2 AAA batteries. They look really cool in the trees. When summer is over I will remove the batteries and store them away until next summer.

Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Emilie's Scrappy Saturday & a bike basket liner

I am just like a kid at Christmas today! My friend Emilie at Bunch of Scrap posted a pic of her cruiser bike with a basket and basket liner she made for it! I love it!!!
I have had my Electra Hawaii Cruiser for a little over 3 years and I love it!!! We ride to Lodi Lake alot! We also haul them to Monterey and ride there as well.
Here are our two cruisers loaded in the back of truck ready to head to Monterey on 5/30/10.
Here we are with our cruisers in Monterey at Lovers Point on 5/31/10, the day we got engaged. Awwww :)
A couple of months ago I saw this Bell bike basket at Wal Mart. Not very expensive, but I didn't buy it. I was waiting, not sure why, but I waited.
Then behold, last week while visiting my blog friends I saw this darling liner in the exact basket I wanted over at Emilies.
I shared my excitement with Emilie and was going to get the pattern and head over to my moms for some help (I don't sew, I don't even own a sewing machine). But, Emilie was so kind, she said if I bought the fabric she would make it for me!!! So here is the fabric I picked. To see the finished product head on over to Emilies Bunch of Scrap today! If you go there today you can also participate in her "Scrappy Saturday" feature!!!! So hurry click on and go!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A little bit of crafting time....

Happy Friday!!! This was the last official day of my vacation. I haven't won the lottery so I will be showing up to work Monday! CRAP!!!
It has been a week of little things, like going to see Grown Ups and Eclipse, window shopping and swimming. Got to spend some real quality time with my son.

Today however, I had some time to make a mess on the kitchen table and whip up a little something. What a great week!!!!!!

I recieve weekly emails from There is usually a cute project and a link to the tutorial. This week, I got really excited about the project I saw and couldn't wait to try it.
It was this drawer box and matching cards.
I kept the design pretty simple. Using some vintage design scrapbook paper that I am sure came from Julia. This project was very simple!!! The most important tool you need for any box project is a good scoring tool. (I use the Martha Stewart tool purchased at Michal's)

If you like what you see and want to give it a try, here is the link for the tutorial.
Have a wonderful weekend!!! I am hoping to "make" time for my crafting, so come back soon to see what I get going for Halloween.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Ready for Halloween! :)

Yes I know I should have weeded this little pumpkin patch a little better before I took the pic, but too late now.
This little triangle was a weed and junk patch not too long ago. Thanks to some hard work from John, Zach and myself we are now down to a minimum on the weeds and zero on the junk.
This is now my little pumpkin patch. This is the first garden I have ever had.
I have been watering these little babies every morning for the last month. I had to be out of town for a couple of days, so when I called to check on my kids everyday I also checked to be sure my pumpkin babies were being watered and that they were still alive.
Hoping for some nice big pumpkins this fall!!!
Fall/Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I become inspired to craft and decorate!! So I guess I am off to an early start this year! Hope to have some crafts going on real soon!!!
Come back later to see how my crop comes out :)