Sunday, March 11, 2012

Organizing and a Birthday Card

I didn't get a whole lot done this weekend. However, I did go through my craft stuff! Got organized and even filled up a box of things to get rid of. My sweet husband even tried to make me a dowel rack for my ribbon. See the black thing on the right of the shelves? Only problem he didn't look at the size of the holes in the middle of the ribbon spools. Oops!! Not a big problem, he will replace with smaller diameter dowels and then I can hang my ribbon and easily get to it. I felt so bad, because he was so happy to surprise me with his creation. He is a sweetheart!
Since the table was clean and I could find everything, I went ahead and made 2 birthday cards for friends with birthdays this week.
I love simple elegance and that is what I went for here. Not only elegant but easy to do!
I used the Vintage Wallpaper embossing plate to get that nice pattern on the pink paper. I then wrapped a piece of brown satin ribbon around the card and tied a knot in the front of the card.
I then used a stamp and embossing powder for the lovely pewter frame around the Happy Birthday. I am pretty sure that powder/heat embossing, and paper embossing are my two new favorite things to do!
I hope you had a good weekend and didn't forget to spring forward this morning! :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Getting my game on for Stampin' Up

After building quite the collection of Stampin' Up tools, I have finally decided to join up and try to teach now and then. Mostly still a hobbyist as I already have a full time job. My dear friend and craft mentor Julia at has been a demonstrator for a few years and urged me to join but I held off. I also belonged to Lynn's club in Linden for nearly two years and my collection of tools kept growing and growing. So I finally decided it is time for me to sign up!
That being said, I have to get organized!!!! That task is overwhelming to me!
My husband hung a few shelves in the garage, so I have begun the organizing task.
Still have a way to go, but hopefully this weekend I will get it all done.
Here are the shelves loaded up with stamps and punches.

I saw an idea to use window shutters to display cards and I really liked that idea.
I had heard about the Habitat for Humanity re-store in Stockton for old windows, so we headed over there today and found this shutter for $5. Needs a little work, but nothing major.
I didn't see any old wood framed windows, but was told to check often, because they do get them in, they just sell very quickly. I love those old windows!!! I met a woman who refurbishes them and gets them ready to hang on the wall. I am hoping to purchase a nice 6 pane white framed one from her soon! Oh, the things you can do with those old windows, but I have gotten off track here. :)
I am planning my first workshop ons March 31st. If you are in the area and are interested let me know so I can have supplies for you. We will be making 2 cards and 2 non card items.
Wish me luck!
Have a great weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A little Dollar Store magic

Feels like spring is in the air. It makes me want to have pretty bright flowers everywhere!!!
So here is a start. I had this sad little Welcome planter on our front porch.
I bought 5 little bunches of flowers for $1.00 each at the Dollar store. Cut each flower off with wire cutters and put into a floral foam I had laying around and Voila!!!! I now have a little color.
Next it will be on to brightening up the backyard with real flowers!!!
Hope you have had a great week!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy 51st Anniversary Mom & Dad

1 year ago March 4th, we celebrated my parents 50th Anniversary on a wonderful cruise with 60 guests!!! It truly was a wonderful vacation and a fabulous celebration!
Sunday they celebrated their 51st, way to go Mom and Dad!!!!

This is the card that I made them using a couple of my favorite Stampin' Up tools.
I love the simple elegance of the vintage wallpaper embossing folder.
I am also loving the heat embossing with embossing powder. I used to be afraid of this technique for some reason, but I have finally gotten over it! This picture does not do justice to the beauty of heat embossing! I look forward to making many more cards using these tools!

Have a wonderful week!
Be inspired!!!