Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year! Peace!

Well I just can not believe how quickly the years fly by. I turned 48 this month, Christmas flew by and my daughter turned 21 December 27th. Where has the time gone??
This year has been tough for me with matters of the heart. But, I am finding my way. John and I are hanging on to love and hoping for peace in 2010. We have pretty much figured out that everthing starts with love peace and happiness, and then things can only get better from there.

Which brings me to the true subject of my post today. The wish of peace for all! It begins at home. Here are some "peaceful" moments in my home.
Here is my son Zach and our dog Eva enjoying a quiet moment. Don't they look comfy? Eva has turned out to be such a perfect fit for us!
Eva and Holly seem to be "tolerating" eachother as they rest on my bed. Dog and cat side by side, how is that for peace?

Here they are sharing the attention with mom. They have their moments of disagreement, but then they seem to just co exist peacefully. Hmmm, just like with humans? :)
I do truly hope for peace in the New Year, for myself, my family and friends, and you my faithful blog readers. Happy New Year! May you reflect on your blessings with thanksgiving and look forward with hope to a wonderful 2010!!!!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A busy pre Christmas weekend!

We started our Saturday by volunteering to host a childrens Christmas party for a local non profit family organization. Several of us and our children helped the kids with crafts, a hot dog lunch, some cookie decorating and a visit with the big man Santa of course!!! It was hectic but fun!
My 11 year old son even enjoyed his time with Santa! I think he Believes! :)

I will never be too old to visit with Santa!
Later in the day we had a family party to attend. It was a great evening!!! We didn't get home until almost 2 am. I didn't wake the kids up for church this morning. But I went with my parents and todays music was Christmas carols of course! My favorite!!
The message was about finding PEACE, and these days who doesn't need to find PEACE. The message was very touching.
Then off to get my baking supplies for the week.
I tried to make candied walnuts, but I was out of parchment paper and thought I could use wax paper. I was wrong! The walnuts stuck to the paper! So that didn't quite work out.

Then it was on to making "Cracker Candy". I got this recipe from a friend at work. The recipe says that it is from Aunt Libby's Kitchen. I don't know Aunt Libby, but I am thankful for her recipe.

35 to 40 Saltine Crackers
1 12 oz package of chocolate chips
1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)
Instructions: Line a greased 9 X 13 cookie sheet with crackers, one layer thick only. Melt butter in sauce pan. Add brown sugar and stir until sugar is melted, blended and bubbly. Pour over crackers (crackers may float-that is ok) Place in preheated 350 degre oven for 10 minutes. Remove from oven. Add chocolate chips to to top, spread until melted evenly over crackers. Add nuts if desired. Bake again for 15 minutes. Remove and cool. Cut into squares.
It took quite a while for the chocolate to set. Here is the packaged finished product.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Crafting night!

OK, so I take 2 hours vacation and ditch work to go see Blindside with my son and parents this afternoon. What an inspiring movie! If you haven't seen it yet, go see it.
On my way home from the movie I got a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign. I saw the lights flashing and thought what the heck did I do. I don't even remember going through this particular stop sign, that I have gone through many many times. I guess I was on autopilot!
CRAP!!! I haven't had a ticket in years! Like 20 I think??? Bummer!!! Hmmm, was I being punished for taking a last minute vacation from work????

I didn't let that stop me from having a good evening. After dinner and walking the dog, I got busy on some bags and boxes. I actually have had 3 orders for the bags! I certainly won't get rich from the orders, but it is nice to know that people like my work. This was my last order of 8 bags. I found the poinsetta's at Beverly's. The paper is from all sorts of sources and the pretty ribbon is from Stampin' Up.
Here are more of the 3 tier boxes that I am really liking!!!! Julia sent me this lovely paper and I bought this gold ribbon at Costco a few years ago. I found the bells and gift tag on clearance at Pier 1 after Christmas last year. I am really liking the gold!

I just had to put in a pic of Eva as she lounges in my leopard print robe. She is such a sweet girl! Just love her!!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I am in love with our furry new addition!

Zach and I picked up Eva yesterday. I am not exaggerating when I tell you this little girl is a love! I must admit that I need her right now more than she needs me. It was my sons weekend to go to his dads so it is just me Eva and my cat Holly this weekend. I am adjusting to being single again and with the Holiday season I will tell you that it is not so easy.
Eva went potty when I took her outside! Yippee!!!
Then she snuggled by me while watching TV. And being the bad pet owner, I didn't put her in the crate to sleep. I let her sleep in my bed. She is such a little snuggler!
Holly the Queen cat is even adjusting. She slept by my feet and is just checking out this new addition with much caution. We think Eva is part Toy Fox terrier and Jack Russell Terrier, but you would never guess that by her mellowness. As I sit here typing she is lying down in my lap as content as can be.

Had to buy her this cute little sweater! My friend said if we start wearing matching clothes, she is going to have me committed to a mental hospital :)

My son really didn't want to leave for the weekend with his new puppy here. But he will have plenty of time to bond. Since I am the Momma, I think it was perfect for me to be alone with Eva for the weekend to get her adjusted to her new home.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to dress up a Hershey bar

Who doesn't love some Hershey chocolate?
One way to dress up the bars is to wrap them in scrapbooking paper and tie them up with ribbon and a tag. Makes for a nice little thank you gift or hostess gift. I found the regular size bars in a package of 6 for $3.18 at Wal Mart. I also found the large bars at Wal Mart for $1.50 each. I just received some new paper and ribbon from Stampin' Up today. Gave me a little motivation to create tonight. I am still making the little bags with the top note die. This time I just embellished with a nice bow and button! Simple and easy. I used the same paper and ribbon for the Hershey bars.
Here are the large bars individually wrapped and the 3 stacks of regular size. I made litte tags for them and that is it! Now I have to snap out of my craft mode and fold some clothes and clean the kitchen! YUCK!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A furry new addition to our household!

My son Zach and I went to meet Eva the Diva tonight. She looks bigger than she really is in this photo. But she is a tiny little love bug with long legs. The foster mom said she believes she is part Toy Fox Terrier and Jack Russell. We don't really care what breed she is, we just fell in love with her sweet personality. The nice foster mom has potty trained her and says she is about 6 months old. Can barely wait til Friday to get back and pick her up!!!
This is my new baby girl! (oh wait, this is Zach's puppy!) :) We all know who will really be taking care of her anyway now don't we? :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4th??? Are you kidding me???

Really, I just can not believe that Christmas is just around the corner! It is scary how fast time flies. I do plan on finishing up my shopping today. I have really cut the list down, probably just like everyone else. Although I cut the list down, I still have to make my packages look pretty!!! I am loving this paper and ribbon purchased at Costco. Such a great deal! The ribbon comes in a roll of 50 yards! I have enough for gifts and crafts!!! Score!!! I also purchased the gift tags at Costco, they are very pretty, and there are so many different designs that come in the package. There are even gift card holders in the package. The paper came in a two roll two sided set! Since I am cutting back on my shopping I probably won't even use 1 roll this year. I love the blue white and silver snowy look!!!! Great deal!
I found this cool sparkly bow at Big Lots for $4.00. I love the color! I really didn't need it, but I hung it on the inside of my front door, for me to look at while I am in the living room!

I guess my kitty is getting in the Christmas spirit, she decided to lounge in the top of a box with a bag and watch we wrap gifts. Silly cat!