Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Well, it has been nearly a month since I have posted. Not that I haven't had things to blog about. I have tried new candy recipes, made a couple of rag quilt purses and have been quite busy. But I just couldn't seem to bring myself to sit down and blog about any of it!!! For that matter I rarely use my computer at home anymore. It wasn't until about a week ago that the light bulb went on and I figured out why I don't want to use the computer at home anymore.

WORK!!!! My job has become so computer intensive that when I get home I don't even want to look at the computer!! I didn't even figure this out on my own. One of my coworkers commented on our new "program" at work and how we have to spend so much more time on it now, that he never goes on the the computer at home anymore!!! That was when it hit me and I realized why I don't like to go mine either!

That being said, I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!!!! Hope you are baking, having fun with your family and friends and enjoying every day of the Christmas season!!!!

I do hope to develop a balance on my computer use sometime in the near future so I can get back to blogging about fun stuff again!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Mints and neatness!

Happy Saturday Morning!!! I am grateful to have a few minutes this morning to post. Please forgive the photography, switched computers and can't figure out how to edit my photos yet.
I am also grateful to have had some time over the last couple of days to make a lot of these sour cream containers filled with Wintergreen Lifesavers that will be at each place setting at my parents house and Johns sister's house on Thanksgiving. I made so many that I can give them to my co workers on Wednesday too! I love making these because they are sooooo EASY!!!!!!
I used 4" X 6" pieces of scrapbooking paper for these. Cutting from a 12" X 12" sheet of paper leaves no scraps!!! YEA!!!!!!!!
I get a little over zealous when I make things to give away. So I already dropped a batch off at my moms. This is an embellished box for Johns sister filled with the little mint containers.

I just had to add this because it looked so neat and clean!!!! I wish I would have taken a before picture, what a mess!!!!! Last night I cleaned out the cupboards in my laundry room and made room for all the junk that was sitting on the dryer. Lots of junk!!!!!
I had seen the idea of a lamp in the laundry room at other sites in the past. We had an extra lamp we didn't know what to do with and voila' found a spot for it!!!! I found the laundry sign at the Lodi Street Faire last year. Nice touch!!! Grabbed a table runner I had on hand and now I have a nice clean little laundry room!!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend and A Very Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Remember to count your blessings and be generous with the hugs!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving 2 weeks away? Get out of town!

Seriously, Thanksgiving is really only 2 weeks away? I can hardly believe it! Although I am still in disbelief I am going to go with it and get ready for it!

Luckily my Stampin' Up club met last Thursday night and we created a couple of beautiful cards and a mint container to put on the Thanksgiving plates.
These of course are all supplies from Stampin' Up. I love this stamp set that includes the tiny little acorn, the lovely fall leaves and the Gratitude stamp and the cool flower on the left.We also made this little sour cream container that holds a couple big Wintergreen Lifesavers. I am going to make these for our plates on Thanksgiving (more to come on that) I swear to you that these are so easy you don't even need pictures! These little guys take 1 piece of scrapbooking paper 4 1/4" X 2 3/4". For a quick tutorial go here.
I also plan on making a little plate of these cuties again this year to put out for pre-dinner snacks. I found this cute idea at Jen's Lipstick and Laundry blog last fall. Another very super easy thing to make.
You need mini vanilla wafers, Hershey Kisses and chocolate frosting. Unwrap the kiss dab a little frosting on it and stick it to the bottom of the vanilla wafer. You then dab a bit of frosting on the tip of your knife and dab on the cookie to look like a stem! Cute project to get the kids involved with too!!!!

The crisp air, the raindrops, thoughts of getting together with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of the reasons I am so in love with Fall!!!!!
Hope you too are getting ready for the upcoming Holiday Season!
Hope you are having a great week too!
Happy Veterans Day!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The last Halloween craft post of 2010 I SWEAR!!!!!

I really thought I was done with Halloween crafts last week. Then I remembered that Julia had given me several of these clear tube/bags for M&M's. We had made these at craft day at my house a couple of months ago. With Halloween stamps, and 2 sizes of scalloped punches and and adhesive these are packaged up and ready for our Annual Pan Aurora Halloween Bake Sale at work on Thursday. This bake sale is our biggest of the year. So I do hope these will grab some interest.
When the M&M's were done, I thought that was it. But then Saturday night I thought I would try the sour cream containers that Dawn had told me about. She said they were super easy!! Oh yes, they were the easiest craft I think I have ever made. The tutorial for this easy one is over at Splitcoaststampers. I am not kidding when I tell you they were the easiest. I made a bowl full of them for the bake sale. And now I think I am officially done with Halloween crafts.
Have a wonderful week! Talk to you soon!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Halloween Collection & A good thing to share

I live in a small house so I try to not to collect too much stuff. But, I discovered these little Lori Mitchell Halloween figurines a couple of years ago at the Alameda County Fair. I fell in love with them! I bought 2 then. Then 2 more a little later and so a collection begins. They are whimsical and vintage at the same time. I bought the candy corn and bat this year. I found a local store (Ciara gifts and decor in Stockton Ca.) that carries them. They aren't very expensive and I don't feel too bad just adding a couple new ones each year. I have to pack them better this year, did you spot the missing antennae? :)

Here is a little closer look at their cute little faces!
This is my good thing to share. Can't remember the blog I found this site at, but
A Side of Peaches is a great site for daily bargains. They only post 1 bargain a day and I haven't bought any Christmas gifts yet, but I am hooked on checking everyday. They do sell out quick, so you have to check early in the morning. They had a great deal on adhesive runners but I was too late!!! Definitely worth checking out!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

And We Have a Winner!!!!

A big thanks to Tammy over at T's Daily Treasures for posting about my giveaway and sending me some new friends. Thanks to Emily, Jen, Lesa, Julia,Val and Happy at Home for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway.

All of your names are in a bowl and drum roll please. My 12 yr old son Zachary is picking a slip of paper with Lesa's name on it!
Lesa please email your information so I can get your package in the mail asap!!!

Thanks again to one and all for the visiting and leaving a comment!!!!

Have a wonderful evening!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Here it is, my little homemade Halloween 2010 giveaway! Just a sampling of the things I have made recently. A spooky theme going on here, with a candy jar filled with pumpkin taffy, a BOO banner with lots of details and a 5 X 5 spooky card perfect for framing!!!!
Here is how you can win:
1. Leave a comment and don't forget to leave your email address
2. Link my giveaway on your blog for a 2nd entry, be sure to let me know.
3. If you don't blog and don't want to leave a comment, send me an email at
Deadline to enter is 12 noon on Weds 10/20, winner will be announced at 8pm on Weds 10/20
Good Luck!!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

More Halloween stuff, hang in there....

OK all, these are the last 3 projects I am making for Halloween this year.
First we have these cute little milk cartons, with little tiny clips. Julia was kind enough to lend me the Stampin' Up die cut for this project. I guess I better return it now. :)
I used plain orange heavy cardstock purchased from Joannes. The little pumpkin stamp came from a cool circle stamp set John found at Marshalls. The ribbon used was purchased in the $1 bins at Target last year. These will be filled with candy. I saw this project last night at Crafty Sisters blog. I wasn't going to start any new projects but I had to add this one!!! Way too cute!!! John found a candy corn template online. I printed out a large and small template. I used the small template for this banner. I love it!!! I think I will add some black ribbon to make it pop. Thanks for this one Crafty Sisters!
Lastly, just a different take on my BOO banner. I have made this one with squares but went round on this one. Making sure to add the cute little witch hat and boots on the bottom.
I am actually going to try to sell some of these items.
Be sure to come back next week, with all this Halloween stuff I have been making, guess what
I will be giving away to one lucky reader??? :)

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Be back soon!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yes, more Halloween! Sorry I can't stop!!!

Here are the 2 variations of the pizza box. 6' X 11" for the larger box and 5 1/2" X 8" for the smaller.
The Splitcoast tutorial calls for the 6" X 11". I think I like the small box better??? What do you think? Yes more bags! I got this idea from Angie's ChicnScratch blog. I used my 4" X 8" bags for these. Cutting the bags down to a 4" height and cutting a 4 1/4" X 5 1/2" piece of black cardstock then a slightly smaller piece of patterned paper to go over that. Punched a small oval on top, embellished and tied up with a piece of ribbon! Now I have even more containers to fill with candy! I am still loving the witch hat and boots stamps. I have one more project to do with those! Then I will put them away til next year.

Have a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Time to put my toys away and get to my chores :)

Yes, it is time to clear off my kitchen table and clean up my mess :(
I am sitting here blogging and drinking a cup of tea to get myself ready for HOUSEWORK! YEA!! Someone has to do it right? Wish it was a housekeeper, but for today it is me.

I have made these little boxes every season. I never get tired of them because they are so easy! With different paper and embellishments for each holiday or occasion they look new every time!

I got the instructions for this box last year at Splitcoaststampers tutorials. This is called a pizza box and their dimensions are a little larger than I use. I use a 5 1/2" X 8" piece of card stock. Scored at 1", 3 1/2", 4 1/2" and 7" on the long side, and 1" and 4 1/2" in the short side. I will try the larger size this week and post side by side so you can see the difference. These boxes are so easy to put together. I used mostly Stampin' Up; supplies here except for the green and orange paper. Stampin' Up has the best Halloween stamps! If you want to see them for yourself click on over to Julia's blog.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Halloween Stuff!!!

What to do with a 4" X 8" white bag?
Cut it down to a 4" X 4" size. Then cut out a 4" X 4" piece of paper to cover the front, and a 4" x 5 1/2" for the back so that you can fold it over the front. Then cut a slightly smaller square for the front, and embellish with stamps, stickers or whatever you have and make these cute little Halloween bags. You can also turn these bags into baskets. Either way works. They are easy and cute!!!
I think I got this idea from Angie over at Chic'n Scratch. She loves Halloween and has been kind enough to offer 12 weeks of Halloween crafts. Presenting a Halloween craft tutorial/video every week for 12 weeks. Way too cool!

If you love Halloween you have to check out her blog and catch up on all the things she has been creating!!!! If you don't feel too crafty she also offers prepared kits! Her blog is a must see!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A good weekend and a cookie recipe!

Even with 2 trips to the Lodi Grape Festival and painting a bedroom, I was able to notch out some time to try a new cookie recipe and make some crafts this weekend!!!
Cookie making, creating, painting, live music by Edgar Winter, and a great Beatles Tribute band called the Fab Four at the Lodi Grape Festival! What a great weekend!

I really like Monica's Lick the Bowl Good blog. I have tried several of her recipes and have had success with each one! I am looking forward to making her 3 packet pot roast one day this week.

What I tried this weekend was her No Bake Cookies. As you can see in the photo below, not many ingredients required. As the recipe claims there is no baking, just a little boiling on the stove. That wasn't too difficult, no candy thermometer required. These were pretty easy and they are very good! A mix of cookie and candy all in one!!!

Here are the yummy nutty chocolaty goodies cooling off.
Here they are cooled and ready for a co-workers birthday tomorrow. I packaged them in 4" X 6" bags. Hemp cord and a Stampin' Up Birthday Stamp cut out with a scalloped oval punch finish these off nicely.
Halloween crafts coming up.......

Friday, September 17, 2010

No bumper crop! Bummer!

I was so excited about growing my own pumpkins this year! I was so excited that I think I promised one to everyone I know!!! Sadly, my 4 pumpkin plants (that grew like crazy!) only sprouted 4 actual pumpkins. 1 of which died :( The vine it was on was very thin and got broken somehow??)

This is a photo of the largest one of the three that are left.
I am keeping 2 and giving 1 to Em at Bunch of Scrap. She is the kind crafter who made my bike basket liner. I swapped some crafts with her and promised a pumpkin in trade for her sewing skills. My apologies to everyone else I promised a pumpkin to! Next year I guess I will have to do more research on how to grow a "Bumper Crop".
I guess 3 isn't bad for my first ever growing something experiment. :) ?????
Hoping to get some crafting time in tomorrow, so please come back next for another Fall and Halloween post!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Have I told you that I love love love Halloween? No, I am not a wicken or anything like that. But I love the fall colors and all the cute decorations and pumpkins, shall I go on?
I got to do a little Halloween creating Thursday night over at Lynn Hampton's (Stampin' Up demonstrator) in Linden. She has a craft club that meets on the first Thursday of each month. She was extra generous this month and gave us the supplies and directions to make this very super cool BOO! banner. It not only has layers of colors and designs, but the little witch on the bottom is way too cute! Look closely at all the details!!! We stamped spider webs on the BOO letters. There are also a couple of bat punches placed here and there. She liked the witch stamp so much that we got to make two projects with her.... scroll down for project #2. I really am working on my photography skills, but sometimes......
Hopefully you can see all the detail going on with this card. Bat punches, spider web stamps, layers of paper and be sure to look close to check out the teeny tiny clip. This card is way too cute to give away, so I am going to get a frame for it and add it to my Halloween decorations.

All the supplies for both of these projects are of course from Stampin' Up. I happen to know two great ladies who contribute to my craft supply habit, Julia and Lynn. I am in so much trouble! :)

I am thinking that I am on such a Halloween crafting roll that I might make lots of cute things this year and sell them! I will get back to you on that!!!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!
Talk to you Soon!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Keeping the Halloween Mojo going!!

I was only able to create 1 thing this weekend. But 1 is better then 0 right? :)
Julia told me about these cute little hand sanitizers over at Bath & Body Works.
They are cute all by themselves.
But create a container for them and you have way too cute!!! Julia found the directions for this project at Pink Buckaroo designs.
Last week the hand sanitizers were 5 for $5 at Bath and Body Works. So there you have it if you want to try these yourself.

The inside of the container. The possibilities are are endless for designing these cute little packages. Here is part of the reason that I didn't do much crafting this weekend. Took a carload of kids and my parents to Monterey yesterday to check out my daugthers new place. We checked out the house she is renting with her roomates in Marina. Then we went into Monterey for pizza at Gianni's (Great pizza!) Then we did a little bargain shopping and headed to the beach for a bit before heading home. This photo is of my kids, my neices and Johns daughter goofing at the beach!!! Have a great week! Talk to you soon!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting some Halloween Craft mojo going!!!

Julia and her twin Judy came over today to show Dawn, Dawn and I how to make a few Stampin' Up Halloween goodies!!!
We had fun!!!! I made Laura Bush's Cowboy cookies, salami rollups and cut up a watermelon. So we all had a snack then began creating!
Don't you just love all these fall colors! On your left is a peppermint pattie with a purple scallop and a bug eyed spider stamp! We even glued tiny "googlie" eyes on the little spider!! Next we have a cute 3 X 3 owl card. We textured the brown paper and used the owl punch to put this little cutie together!
Then we move on to the darling milk carton. Can you see the "to open" stamp, just like a real carton of milk!!! We used a die cut for this one. This die cut is on my wish list! I will be getting it soon!!! Love love love the milk carton!!!! Love it down to the itsy bity clip on top!!! Julia was kind enough to lend me the die cut so I can make more more more!!!!!
Then we have the cool little M&M tubes. Julia found these clear packages at We used the scallop punch and the scaredy cat stamp!! Cute Cute Cute!!!
Yes, I think I got my mojo back!!!! Sure hope it lasts for a little while!!!
I was trying not to make a mess on my kitchen table anymore, but you should see it tonight! Stuff everywhere!!!

Thanks to Julia and Judy our sweet teachers! And thanks to Dawn and Dawn for joining us on craft day!!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!!
Talk to you soon!
(if you want details on any of the Halloween crafts we made today, hop on over to Julia's blog and leave her a message)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A girls gotta dream!!!!

I dream of a great big huge kitchen and family room someday. I may or may not ever see these dreams come true.
I do however have a smaller dream. This fabulous project table from from Pottery Barn.
Not sure where I would put it, but I want it!!!
I know my craft lovin' friends out there can apreciate this cool table!!!! Wish I had a nice big studio to put in as well!!!! I would have to put it in the garage!
I posted my dream pic on the frig and John asked how much it was. I answered "It is on sale for 900 and some odd dollars" He said, "Huh, I could make something better for way less!!! "
I say go for it John!!!! Hope he comes up with some ideas soon!!!!
I am having a Halloween Crafty day at my house this Saturday at 1pm. My friend and craft mentor Julia is bringing over 3 Halloween Projects with Stampin' Up supplies! Still a couple seats left if anyone near Lodi CA wants to join us! Just send me an email!!!

Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just a little catching up...

It is so hard for me to believe that my daughter will be entering her 4th year of college in August. Even harder to believe that my baby boy started the 7th grade this last Tuesday. Here is my handsome young son on his first day of school. Seems like just yesterday my daughter was starting 7th grade! Wow! I planted 4 pumpkin plants a couple of months ago. This is what they looked like a month or so ago. This is what they look like today! WOW!!! I think I am going to have lots of pumpkins!!! It has been so much fun to water them and watch them grow!!!! I can't wait for the harvest! Pumpkin pie anyone?

I just love the blooms! I sure hope I get some nice big pumpkins this fall!
Other than school starting and watching pumpkins grow, I have lots of irons in the fire.

Still working on my parents 50th Anniversary cruise in February. And although, we aren't officially planning our small wedding until after that, I have been doing some internet surfing and have found some cool wedding cupcake tiers, some cool favors and have found the style of wedding dress I want. Just saving the info for later.

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of weeks.

I have 2 crafting dates scheduled for August so I promise to do a couple of crafts posts soon!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 cool things to share! Blogging madness!!!!

Wow! I went from barely posting at all to having so many cool things to share that I squeeze 3 posts into 1!!!

First I must thank Emily at Bunch of Scrap for making me the coolest basket liner for my bike!!!
Here is the finished product lined nicely in my Bell basket!!!

Emilie wasn't sure of her sewing skills, but check out the matching zippered pouch she made with the leftover fabric. I am so impressed!!!! I don't even sew, let alone figure out how to deal with a zipper!!! Great job! I say thanks thanks thanks for sewing for me! I may hot have any sewing experience, however I know my way around paper and ribbon :)
I saw the tutorial for this purse over at Card Scraps Blog. I didn't think it looked too difficult so I gave it a try last night. I was right, not too difficult at all!!! Luckily, I had the top note and scallop die cuts from Stampin' Up. Just needed the adhesive, ribbon and embellishments and voila!! a cute little purse!!! I think these would look so cool in leopard and zebra print paper!!! I wish I had a luncheon or shower coming up to make these for!!! Anyone need some for a special occasion? I would love to make them!!!!
Lastly, just something cool to share! Did I tell you I love Chinese Lanterns? Well I do.
When we had my daughters high school graduation party I decorated the backyard with them.
I found these nice bright colored nylon lanterns in the Avon catalog of all places! These lanterns take 2 AAA batteries. They look really cool in the trees. When summer is over I will remove the batteries and store them away until next summer.

Hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Emilie's Scrappy Saturday & a bike basket liner

I am just like a kid at Christmas today! My friend Emilie at Bunch of Scrap posted a pic of her cruiser bike with a basket and basket liner she made for it! I love it!!!
I have had my Electra Hawaii Cruiser for a little over 3 years and I love it!!! We ride to Lodi Lake alot! We also haul them to Monterey and ride there as well.
Here are our two cruisers loaded in the back of truck ready to head to Monterey on 5/30/10.
Here we are with our cruisers in Monterey at Lovers Point on 5/31/10, the day we got engaged. Awwww :)
A couple of months ago I saw this Bell bike basket at Wal Mart. Not very expensive, but I didn't buy it. I was waiting, not sure why, but I waited.
Then behold, last week while visiting my blog friends I saw this darling liner in the exact basket I wanted over at Emilies.
I shared my excitement with Emilie and was going to get the pattern and head over to my moms for some help (I don't sew, I don't even own a sewing machine). But, Emilie was so kind, she said if I bought the fabric she would make it for me!!! So here is the fabric I picked. To see the finished product head on over to Emilies Bunch of Scrap today! If you go there today you can also participate in her "Scrappy Saturday" feature!!!! So hurry click on and go!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A little bit of crafting time....

Happy Friday!!! This was the last official day of my vacation. I haven't won the lottery so I will be showing up to work Monday! CRAP!!!
It has been a week of little things, like going to see Grown Ups and Eclipse, window shopping and swimming. Got to spend some real quality time with my son.

Today however, I had some time to make a mess on the kitchen table and whip up a little something. What a great week!!!!!!

I recieve weekly emails from There is usually a cute project and a link to the tutorial. This week, I got really excited about the project I saw and couldn't wait to try it.
It was this drawer box and matching cards.
I kept the design pretty simple. Using some vintage design scrapbook paper that I am sure came from Julia. This project was very simple!!! The most important tool you need for any box project is a good scoring tool. (I use the Martha Stewart tool purchased at Michal's)

If you like what you see and want to give it a try, here is the link for the tutorial.
Have a wonderful weekend!!! I am hoping to "make" time for my crafting, so come back soon to see what I get going for Halloween.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Ready for Halloween! :)

Yes I know I should have weeded this little pumpkin patch a little better before I took the pic, but too late now.
This little triangle was a weed and junk patch not too long ago. Thanks to some hard work from John, Zach and myself we are now down to a minimum on the weeds and zero on the junk.
This is now my little pumpkin patch. This is the first garden I have ever had.
I have been watering these little babies every morning for the last month. I had to be out of town for a couple of days, so when I called to check on my kids everyday I also checked to be sure my pumpkin babies were being watered and that they were still alive.
Hoping for some nice big pumpkins this fall!!!
Fall/Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. I become inspired to craft and decorate!! So I guess I am off to an early start this year! Hope to have some crafts going on real soon!!!
Come back later to see how my crop comes out :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A little time for baking and some card making!

Don't know how it happened but I had a free evening!!! No one home but me! I have a friends birthday tomorrow and a family bbq at my house Saturday, so I took advantage of my time to make lemon bars, and try a new recipe for Pecan Pie Cupcakes. OK, they don't look so pretty, but these pecan pie cupcakes are addicting!!! Not only are they delicious they are easy to make!!! This recipe is from and it only has 5 ingredients!!!!

1 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup packed brown sugar
2/3 cup melted butter
2 eggs.

1. preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Combine all ingredients and mix well
3. Spray a miniature muffin tine with non stick coating spray
4. Fill each 3/4 full
5. Bake in preheated oven for approx. 18 minutes.

I had a little batter left so I made 3 more little cupcakes for tasting ;)
Ooooh, and they tasted so good!!!!
OK, not by any fault of my own, but I think I have become a Stampin' Up addict!!!!
It all started when my friend and craft mentor Julia signed up as a demonstrator. She has shared many ideas and supplies. She has done craft day at my house twice.
Sadly, Julia lives far away :( so I don't get to craft with her very often.
However, a couple of months ago a co worker told me about a Stampin' Up monthly club nearby. I missed my monthly Moments craft group so much, I had to sign up!
Between Julia and the club I am hooked hooked hooked!!!
I guess baking and paper crafts are my "thing".

This card was made with the Stampin' Up top note die cut, the butterfly die cut, the bird punch, oval and scallop oval punch and stamp set. Then I made this little box/bag with 2 pieces of 8' X 8" scrapbook paper, scored at 1" on 3 sides. Made 1 cut at each corner and used two sided tape to put together. Used the bird and butterflies again and now I have a gift bag/box to hold the matching birthday card I made and some candy.

I hope you are having a good week! And I hope you get a little time to yourself to do whatever your "thing" is. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day and a little catching up.....

If I have any blog readers left, I apologize to you for not posting for soooo long. I think since Mother's day. What the heck is wrong with me?

I posted on Mother's day, so I have to post for Father's day! Can't forget dear old dad!
John found an alphabet stack of scrapbook paper at Marshalls for $5.99 a few weeks ago. I have used it to make 3 cards already! I think I have already gotten my moneys worth!!! This is the Father's day card I made for my kids to give to their dad. It was way too simple!!! A black piece of paper. The B and everything else are cut from 1 piece of paper! Just needed some glue!
Here is another use for the alphabet stack, peppermint pattie bags for Dad. Way too simple as well!!! Found a set of clear stamps at Marshalls for $3.99. Little circles with sayings for Valentines day, Mother's Day, Fathers Day, Easter, Halloween, Graduation and Thanksgiving. These are the perfect size for the Pearson Peppermint Patties. I think I have already gotten my moneys worth from these stamps too! Score!!!!! You can't tell with these pictures, but this paper is glittery! Love it! Johns birthday was May 30th and we went to Monterey to celebrate. We took our bikes and had a wonderful time!!! We both love Monterey! Once while we were there we witnessed a couple getting married at the park at Lovers Point. We both thought that was pretty cool! We have talked getting married there ourselves.
When we took the exit to get home in Lodi, John said he needed to make 1 more stop. I had a funny feeling something was up and I was right. He took me to the place where we first kissed and asked me to marry him.
We plan on getting married at Lovers Point in Monterey next June.
Again I apologize for not blogging much lately. If you are reading this, thanks for coming back to check on me!