Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting back into the swing of things

I haven't posted since before Easter!!! What the heck?
I have let my job stress me out and keep me from doing some of the things I love!!
No crafting, no blogging make me a crazy girl!!!!!
I haven't even kept up on checking in on my favorite bloggers!!! Nor have I made any effort in the arrangements for the quickly approaching October 9th wedding!!!!
I can say that the big project at work is coming to an end!!! The stress should go way down by the end of the month!!!
Tonight I perused a few of my favorite blogs and this is what I found!
My friend Emily is back up over at Bunch of Scrap! Glad to see her back!
I also had to print out recipes that I must try from Crafty Sisters (Apple Toffee French toast bake, Blueberry Pecan french toast bake and Breakfast Egg Casserole) and Lick the Bowl Good (Chewy lime coconut sugar cookies)!
And I see my friend Julia at Julia Luvs 2 Stamp is making some great cards!!!
Hope you have been having a great summer!!! I am loving these cool evenings!!!
Hope to get back to you soon with some recipe reviews and some wedding favor creations!!!
Be back soon!

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  1. Hey Tina, you have been gone a long time. Hope you get rid of that stress in your life. We have temps of 125 during the day so even the nights aren't cool around here. :/ Lots of indoor activities (mostly blogging and crocheting, although I should be cleaning). Lime coconut sugar cookies. I gotta check that out. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy