Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wedding Ideas -- I need some creative advice!

These are my preliminary (which means "rough") ideas for our wedding invitations and favors.
The scroll stamp in black is a keeper for sure, the paper will be a little more textured and not stark white. All because two people fell in love is a keeper too. I know the card has to be bigger and needs a little more detail.
The box size is good to put personalized M&M's in. The heart on the box is too plain.
We like the black and white and want to add a little bit of burnt orange or rust.
Help!!! Does anyone have any suggestions? Need to make these "pop" just a little more!

Hope you are having a great week!


  1. What about making the heart out of burnt orange card stock?? For the invites, how about Stamping the scroll stamp on the base, add vellum and then the All Because Two People fell in love stamped on layered paper on top? then use a burnt orange ribbon on the side??

  2. Great job Tina! My suggestion for the heart is to use the Embosslits Scalloped Heart of Hearts using either black or burnt orange or rust. That'll outline the heart and make it "pop"! It doesn't look like you used embossing powder on your scroll image, I think if you do that it'll make it look more elegant. I like Jen's idea of using the vellum too ~ that'd be really classy!