Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting some Halloween Craft mojo going!!!

Julia and her twin Judy came over today to show Dawn, Dawn and I how to make a few Stampin' Up Halloween goodies!!!
We had fun!!!! I made Laura Bush's Cowboy cookies, salami rollups and cut up a watermelon. So we all had a snack then began creating!
Don't you just love all these fall colors! On your left is a peppermint pattie with a purple scallop and a bug eyed spider stamp! We even glued tiny "googlie" eyes on the little spider!! Next we have a cute 3 X 3 owl card. We textured the brown paper and used the owl punch to put this little cutie together!
Then we move on to the darling milk carton. Can you see the "to open" stamp, just like a real carton of milk!!! We used a die cut for this one. This die cut is on my wish list! I will be getting it soon!!! Love love love the milk carton!!!! Love it down to the itsy bity clip on top!!! Julia was kind enough to lend me the die cut so I can make more more more!!!!!
Then we have the cool little M&M tubes. Julia found these clear packages at We used the scallop punch and the scaredy cat stamp!! Cute Cute Cute!!!
Yes, I think I got my mojo back!!!! Sure hope it lasts for a little while!!!
I was trying not to make a mess on my kitchen table anymore, but you should see it tonight! Stuff everywhere!!!

Thanks to Julia and Judy our sweet teachers! And thanks to Dawn and Dawn for joining us on craft day!!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!!
Talk to you soon!
(if you want details on any of the Halloween crafts we made today, hop on over to Julia's blog and leave her a message)


  1. Wow, the picture came out great. Bob says thanks for the cookies, those were soooOOO good, along with the salami/olives. Thanks so much for hostessing such a fun workshop. You're awesome!!! Keep crafting...Hugs, Julia

  2. Soooooooooo CUTE... I am bummed I missed it... Would you believe Saturday was the ONLY weekend birthday party we had this month... ugh...

  3. Thanks for the comments!! I didn't realize that I had to approve comments firt now. I just thought noboby loved me anymore! :)))))
    Jen I am sorry you missed it too. Maybe we can a Moments Halloween something or other??? I would be glad to help. And thanks Julia for everything!!!!

  4. I'm bummed I missed it too! Had to go to Stockton all day. =( That stuff is awfully cute!

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