Friday, February 10, 2012

A lot of Valentine Craftiness going on

Been busy creating lots of little inexpensive Valentine's to sell and share.
Here is my table set up and ready to go. Looks nice and bright!
All of the items are made using tools from Stampin' Up and a few items from Joannes.
These are the lollipop envelopes. had us make these at her workshop. The lollipops came from the .99 cent store. I did not have the envelope die cut, so Julia was kind enough to cut those for me! Add a cute little stamp, heart and red and white bakers twine (on of my new favorite items from Stampin' up) and there you have a very cute little Valentine gift!
Here we have some recycled lovelies. I have collected jars from family and friends to copy a cute little shabby chic candle idea I found at The doilies came from the baking section at Joannes. The jars that had nice lids ended up with candy in them. The open jars have either red shreds or cinnamon candies and a battery operated tea light in them. I really like these! And again, wrapped it all up with that darling red and white bakers twine from Stampin' Up.
I also made several sour cream containers filled with conversation hearts!!! These are so easy all you need is paper, two sided tape and whatever embellishments you like! I cut 4' X 6" pieces of scrapbook to put these easy treats together!
There are also hearts made with the petal cone die from Stampin' Up and small and regular sized Valentines Day Cards. Wish me luck!
Have a great weekend!

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