Sunday, October 11, 2009

If I could just win the lotto!

I often dream of winning the lottery, especially when I am on vacation or on the weekends. Why you ask?? Well, let me begin by telling you that I was able to sleep in until 7:30 the last 2 days. I got up to a quiet house and had a cup of Constant Comment Tea and a Medi Fast Peanut Butter Bar! Yum! I then went for a nice long bike ride on my cool cruiser bike!!!! Then I was ready to face the day! Housework, yardwork, errands, my son's football game! All good!!!

If it had been a work day I would be up at 5:30 am at the latest and out the door at 6:30, no time for tea or a bike ride. I guess I just love my little bit of solitude in the mornings.

Secondly, I am on vacation this week because my son is on break. We are headed to Monterey to visit my daughter Val who is going to college there. We will hit the beach and aquarium. I love Monterey!!!!! Wish I was going to college there haha!!!!

Thursday I am off to the Bay Area for a 9 mile hike with my Mom and her friends. Hope I can keep up with them!

Friday John and I will be taking our kids to the San Francisco Zoo and Pier 39. It may not be a trip to Hawaii, but this is going to be a good week!!!! If I could only win the lottery I could have my tea and bike ride everyday! And make nice little mini trips like this whenever I wanted to!!! And of course there would be many trips to Hawaii and many other wonderful places!!!

A girls gotta dream!


  1. Hello Tina,

    Stumbled on to your blog thru Tammys. Wish I lived up north...Im a southern cali girl myself.
    Sounds like you liv'in the life. I love Monterey and San Fransico, but haven't been either place in many years. Will drop by again..nice blog!


  2. If I would have checked your blog last night I would've known you were on vacation! Oh bad!!! Love that you're getting some time with Zach and the family, sounds like you have a lot planned in a short amount of time. Sorry the weather is ugly, but you probably like the rain ~ at least you won't have to waste your time doing yard work on vacation, too wet to go out there and try and do much. Enjoy! Hugs, Julia