Thursday, October 15, 2009

Retired Women Rock!!!!

My mom is 66 years old, soon to be 67. She and her friends Pam 58 and Wanda 57 planned a 9 mile hike today at Lake Chabot in Castro Valley CA. Since I was on vacation they invited me to tag along. Although I did ride my bike this weekend and did a yoga and ab workout on Comcast on demand yesterday I would say I am not in the best shape. My workouts are just not as consistent as they should be.
Nevertheless, I decided to take them up on the challenge and hoped I could keep up. Keeping in mind, that Wanda and Pam have played soccer, Wanda belongs to a rowing club, walks everyday and does these hikes a couple times a month. My mom and Pam walk and go to Curves several times a week. All 3 of them had also done this hike before.
Well I made it! (They did too of course) The uphill was a little rough and my feet and hips were a little sore after the hike. After lots of liquids, a motrin and some good food I am happy to say that I am feeling fine!
I am so inspired by these active women!!!! I hope that I can be as healthy and fit as they are when I am their age!!!!
Mom, Pam and Wanda you truly rock!!!!!

In case you were not aware there are many beautiful hiking trails in the Bay Area. There are weekly Wednesday hikes and you can get all the information at East Bay Regional Parks. I think the next time my son is on vacation we may try one of the Wednesday hikes.

I hope you are inspired by my mom and her friends to get out there and move!!!!

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  1. Bravo to your mom and all those wonderful ladies. Activity is good for the soul, just as crafting is to others of us. In fact, if I could craft and hike all day in new places, I would be living a most wonderful life. Walking is something I can do all day long. I always tell people, God gave us legs, we should use them -- and it's a free workout. My exercise is not consistent either. I may be a little mushy in places, but I walk when I can -- walking here is not quite as pleasant as walking in the States. When the weather gets better, I will enjoy it more. Congrats to you and your mom and the others for taking on healthy activities. I am sure it was quite invigorating! Happy Friday to you! :) Tammy