Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedding Bells will be ringing-so make favors

Where to start, where to start today??? The fact that I am becoming a Stampin' Up addict! Or the stress over coming up with a wedding favor sample for a friend of a friend who is getting married.
Well, let's first start with my addiction! Like being addicted to sugar wasn't bad enough!!! Now I keep finding more and more things I just must add to my crafting collection!!! However, as Julia can confirm, I keep a wish list and get a bit at a time. And I get my moneys worth of each item I buy. You all know about my Top Note die cut mania! I share it every Holiday!!! :) I must apologize for the photo, too dark without flash, too light with flash! So here we have a crappy photo! What's a girl to do?
These are the 2 samples I was messing around with for the wedding. The wedding colors are black and pink. The darker pink box standing up is made with the Matchbox die cut from Stampin' up. The die cuts and scores, so this one is really easy to put together. It would be filled with 4 Hershey nuggets. All pieces except ribbon and tiny tags are from 1 die cut. Then I tied with pink ribbon, embellished with a little bling and the tiny tags. I just received the tiny tag punch and stamps this weekend! Yes, a Stampin' Up purchase. But don't worry, I will use these like crazy! Don't know if you can see it or not, but Mr and Mrs is stamped on the middle tag. The tiny stamp is included with a set of stamps specifically designed to fit the tiny tag! The box on the bottom, is cut and scored by hand using a pattern or template. Much more difficult. I am torn because these are more difficult, but the Hershey nuggets just seem to look better in single file. Can that be considered OCD for wanting to line the nuggets in a straight line? Addictions, OCD! Geez, I am a mess! :)
Oh, I am getting off track here. The box and cover are black paper, then a pale pink piece scalloped with a stamp that reads "A Day to Remeber, A Lifetime to Love" Perfect for a wedding! Then a ribbon with 3 tiny tags, one reading Mr. and Mrs.

Again, I apologize for the bad photo, but what do you think? Would you use these at your wedding? Any additional ideas?? Help! Coming up with an idea for the perfect wedding favor is stressing me out! :)

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  1. Okay, so the photos aren't great -- hard to see the true colors but I think they are both wonderful and a handcrafted party favor is, in my book, much better than anything storebought. Don't stress! Make a few samples and let the friend of the friend pick the one she/he likes. :) have fun!