Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Stuff -parties, shoes, trees

This week is just kind of getting away from me. Figured I could find some random "stuff" to share with you before more time gets away from me!

Sunday is my neice Shelby's 16th birthday. Her dad is having a party for her and I offered to make favors and have an ice cream sundae bar. There are going to be lots of guests so I chose something inexpensive for the favors. These are the small size York peppermint patties. Scrapbooking paper and 2 different sized scallop circle punches and a small round punch were used to make these Sweet 16 favors. I already had this cute plate thingie (I know it has a real name, but can't think of it at the moment).

I love black and white! As you can see here! I love my new converse shoes too!!! I would like a pair of red and navy blue ones too. Can a girl ever have too many of any kind of shoes?? I think not!!!!

I took this photo last Saturday. Good thing! Because today after all the wind and rain, most of these lovely petals are on my lawn and driveway! I don't know the actual name of this tree, but I call it my lovely tulip tree.

I have a busy weekend ahead, watching John's band play friday night, serving at a crab feed saturday, and helping with the Sweet 16 party on Sunday. It is going to be a busy weekend! Busy but FUN!
I hope you are having a good week, and I hope you too have some fun things planned for the weekend, or maybe not, and just get to relax for a bit!!! Those relaxing weekends are often times much needed and welcomed!


  1. It sounds like you are going to have a busy weekend and I hope you enjoy it all.
    Love the blooms their beautiful sad they have to fall so fast but we can not control the weather.
    I am having a Chocolate giveaway so don't forget to enter and good luck

  2. Those party "sweet 16" favors turned out great Tina ~ they'll be the hit of the party! New shoes .... aren't we just spoiled?? LOL!! You deserve it! Hope all your week-end fun turns out great. Julia