Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Being the best me I can be

I normally don't write long blogs. So bear with me, this is a long one. Is is not about crafts or baking. :) It is about my life long battle with dieting and exercise.

I think well over a year ago I blogged about the Lotte Berk Muscle Eats Fat DVD. I had heard about it from Skinny little Kelly Rippa (no jealousy here) on Regis and Kelly . She said it really worked. So I ran right on over to my local Target and picked it up! While doing the workout I could feel the muscles in my thighs and abs working. After a few workouts I could feel the difference in my legs. Even with the results, I did not keep up with it consistently.

Time goes by, life happens and my weight goes up and down and I exercise "now and then". I just lacked the "stick with it" attitude that is necessary to reach goals!!!
Last Thursday I took out the DVD and I did it, then I took out my Leslie Sansone 3 mile ab walk with belt/bands and did that too! I felt so great that night!!!! I was off the next day, so I did the two workouts again the next morning. And let me tell you, I felt wonderful Friday!!! I thought, how could I ever let anything come between me and exercise?? So, I am continuing to exercise and added a jog/walk (weather permitting :) around the block with dog, to keep her in shape too. :)
I also did some research on Lotte Berk and found that she also has a Hip Hugger Ab workout DVD. I read some of the reviews and they were good! So I ordered it! Her DVDs are inexpensive and well worth the small investment. If you are interested check Lotte Berk method site.

All this being said, I have decided that I do want to hip hugger abs and I do want to be in the best shape of my life before I turn 50! Which will be on December 12, 2011. I don't know how that can be true, but it is! It is very scary how quickly my years on this earth have flown by.

How am I going to do this you ask? Well, I am going to share my entire plan with you! And I will come back with progress updates. I hope to see results for myself, and also to inspire others to get moving and get healthy. Maybe we can start a group, who knows where this will go.

OK, here is the plan:

1. Keep a journal where I will keep my food diary, my exercise diary, and any notes of encouragement, helpful hints and any useful tidbits.
2. I will walk/jog my dog around the block a minimum of 4 days a week. I will do the Leslie Sansone DVD a minimum of 4 days a week. Lastly, I will alternate the Lotte Berk DVDs a minimum of 4 days a week as well.
3. I am going to join Weight Watchers tomorrow with my co worker.

I have already started to become more conscious of the food I am eating and started having oatmeal for breakfast. Today is the first full day of my journal. So far I have written down everything I have eaten today.

OK, I think that is enough for a start! whew!!!

Have you been successful exercising and dieting? If so, please share!


  1. Good luck with your plan. I did the same thing before I turned 40. Decided I wanted to be fit and forty, not FAT and forty, which is where I was heading. Started working out with two friends, totally changed my eating habits right then and there, and withint 6 months, I tightened and toned and lost 30 lbs. WooHoo! Working out with friends made the effort so much more rewarding. I love to walk and do it every chance I get. I can't say I am toned anymore, but I have kept the weight off, and I a conscious of what I put into my body. Last May, I became vegetarian. Just happened! My husband says it is hormonal. I think it is spiritual! Anyways, I wish you all the best. You can do it! Can't believe you will b 50 next year. Looking Good! Blessings, Tammy

  2. Sometimes it just doesn't seem quite fair that some people are born skinny and some prone to extra pounds. You always look great Tina and you do take good care of yourself. I'm a bit older and I have to tell you ~ life changes after 50 and it's much harder to lose weight, let alone keep it off so hat's off to you for getting it done before you turn that magic number! I always used the work THINk for my eating plan, that is THINk before you put that food in your mouth, is it something to help me live or just something I wnat to eat. My motto, eat to live, not live to eat! I think you're so on the right track and weight watchers will help you learn more about what is good for your body and what to stay away from. If there are things you just feel you have to have, it's okay, just don't over-do it! I try to walk a lot to, everyday on my lunch break and walking our dog after work. The winter takes its' toll though ~ Springtime is a great time to start a new program and I know you can do it. You always looks awesome and not a day over 39! You have my encouragement, that's for sure. :o)