Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paper Roses

If you love paper roses, then you must head over to Kay Sha's Blog.
I had previously gotten directions on her site on how to make tissue paper flowers. Love them!
She has several different flower tutorials. My friend Julia was kind enough to send me some supplies to try a few of these roses. Mine don't look quite as nice as Kay's yet, but I will work on it. These were pretty simple. I used hot glue for quick drying. It worked.

Kay has paper cake slice boxes with these roses on top on a cake plate for a birthday gift. I love this idea! My goal is to make one for Mother's day for my Mom!!! (thanks for the idea Julia)
Check out Kay's cake and come back soon to see how mine turns out!!!


  1. Very Very well done, Tina! Thanks for linking my blog! Always my pleasure to inspire anyone. I can't wait to see how your cake turns out. You're instructions will come tomorrow. I'm sure you'll have fun making your boxes this weekend. See ya later.

  2. Those turned out so nice Tina!! You are so patient when it comes to creativity!!!

  3. Wow Tina, those are impressive, I may have to make some of my own! LOL!!! Doesn't Kay do great samples and tutorials, I love her site! :o)