Friday, September 17, 2010

No bumper crop! Bummer!

I was so excited about growing my own pumpkins this year! I was so excited that I think I promised one to everyone I know!!! Sadly, my 4 pumpkin plants (that grew like crazy!) only sprouted 4 actual pumpkins. 1 of which died :( The vine it was on was very thin and got broken somehow??)

This is a photo of the largest one of the three that are left.
I am keeping 2 and giving 1 to Em at Bunch of Scrap. She is the kind crafter who made my bike basket liner. I swapped some crafts with her and promised a pumpkin in trade for her sewing skills. My apologies to everyone else I promised a pumpkin to! Next year I guess I will have to do more research on how to grow a "Bumper Crop".
I guess 3 isn't bad for my first ever growing something experiment. :) ?????
Hoping to get some crafting time in tomorrow, so please come back next for another Fall and Halloween post!!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Okay, just a slice of your pumpkin pie if you didn't have enough pumpkins to go around! Big hugs, Julia

  2. that happened to us this year with gourds.....last year we had tons but this year we had 1 that died when it was only a foot long *sigh*