Saturday, September 4, 2010


Have I told you that I love love love Halloween? No, I am not a wicken or anything like that. But I love the fall colors and all the cute decorations and pumpkins, shall I go on?
I got to do a little Halloween creating Thursday night over at Lynn Hampton's (Stampin' Up demonstrator) in Linden. She has a craft club that meets on the first Thursday of each month. She was extra generous this month and gave us the supplies and directions to make this very super cool BOO! banner. It not only has layers of colors and designs, but the little witch on the bottom is way too cute! Look closely at all the details!!! We stamped spider webs on the BOO letters. There are also a couple of bat punches placed here and there. She liked the witch stamp so much that we got to make two projects with her.... scroll down for project #2. I really am working on my photography skills, but sometimes......
Hopefully you can see all the detail going on with this card. Bat punches, spider web stamps, layers of paper and be sure to look close to check out the teeny tiny clip. This card is way too cute to give away, so I am going to get a frame for it and add it to my Halloween decorations.

All the supplies for both of these projects are of course from Stampin' Up. I happen to know two great ladies who contribute to my craft supply habit, Julia and Lynn. I am in so much trouble! :)

I am thinking that I am on such a Halloween crafting roll that I might make lots of cute things this year and sell them! I will get back to you on that!!!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!
Talk to you Soon!


  1. Those are soooOOOO cute Tina. It's amazing how Stampin' UP! keeps coming up with so many amazing Halloween stamps and ideas. Thanks for sharing. Big hugs, Julia

  2. Thanks for the supreme compliment of posting our club projects on your blog. These were fun to make. Is it too soon to hamg mine up?