Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Fun!!!

Yesterday we took our little rafts to Discovery Bay to participate in the attempt at the largest non motorized floatilla in the Guiness book of world records. 
There was everything from intertubes to paddleboats out there.  And lots and lots of super soaker waterguns!  The kids had a blast!
After the floatilla event we had dinner at my brothers and the kids swam and kayaked and we played Texas Hold'em.  It was a great day!!!

The last few times we have been out on the water I have noticed these cool stand up kayaks.
I am dying to try them!  I have done a little web surfing this morning (no pun intended) and found that I can rent one nearby.  So stand up kayaking is now on my bucket list!  Can't wait to try it.
Have you tried it yet? If so was it easy to standup?

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  1. You've been busy Tina, and from your prior posts, so has John! Great job... the Discovery Bay trip looks awesome, haven't seen the stand-on kayaks, they look interesting. We've been camping a few days on the Tuolumne (my roots where I grew up) was awesome fun! Now need to get back to stamping (and doing a Demo pre-order from the Holiday Catalog)! Lovin' your blog Tina...:o)