Friday, November 6, 2009

I love every other Friday!

I am on a work schedule that allows me every other Friday off (and every weekend). Today is my Friday off! So I get to act like a stay at home mom and make pancakes for breakfast. I know I have said this before, but it is these little things in life that make it so worthwhile!
Now if I can muster up the energy I need to clean house and run errands, life would be Grand!!!!!
I have just had a lack of energy for the last couple of weeks. It sucks!!!! I haven't even crafted in over 2 weeks! What is up with that? So to you my few blog peeps, I apologize for the lack of creativity on my blog. I hope to come up with something soon! In the meantime enjoy your day, have a great weekend and stop by to visit again soon.


  1. Heart pancakes, how cute is that! I'd call that crafting?? Hope you have a great week-end Tina. Hugs, J~

  2. You will get your mojo going again. Hard to come back after not feeling well. I go through phases of not being able to keep up and then slowly I get back into the swing of things. You have a nice long weekend so enjoy it! Best wishes, Tammy