Monday, November 9, 2009

No crafts, but a good recipe for dinner

Still don't have my craft mojo going yet. But I did make a decent dinner tonight. I have a lot of recipes saved on This was one of them "Zesty Italian Crescent Casserole".
It was fairly easy, no expensive ingredients and I get a thumbs up from my taste testers. I liked it too! It was like a crescent lasagna. As Rachel would say "Yumm-O". Made a salad to go with, and there you have it, easy, inexpensive and tasty!
If you haven't checked out yet, I would highly suggest it. Lots of recipes to peruse.


  1. Looks good and I especially love quick and easy! Hope you get the crafting bug again soon. I miss seeing your nice little creations. Best wishes, Tammy :)

  2. Mmmm! I'm coming to your house for dinner. That looks so good. You're a great cook and I'll have to check out that site, I already go to the Kraft Kitchen one and it has some great recipes too. Thanks for sharing Tina, maybe you'll get the "craft bug" again after Friday night when I "inspire you" at Mona's?? Hugs, Julia

  3. ooo, it looks wonderful. As a crafty blog, please join us over at French Picnic, we have just created a comment love project for craftilicious blogs. It's going to fun, tell all your crafty blog friends!

  4. It looks yummy! Hope you get some crafty time again!