Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Bargains and a little drive to Lake Tahoe

This is my out of order post. I found these little bargains at a flea market in Lake Tahoe on Sunday. The bag which looks a little vintage was $3.00. All the other goodies were on a table marked 3 for $1.00. The little box is for Easter, I thought the silver thing was for silverware but wasn't sure, and there were 2 of them, I should have got both!!! Because when I got home and put my silverware in it, I thought perfect! The 2 little Nutcrackers will make a nice addition to my growing collection of Nutcrackers. Because I love Halloween and fall I had to get the little witch and Snoopy. My friend Jenni loves Snoopy, so she got him today. So I scored all these cute things for $5.00. I just had a great bargain weekend!!! After the flea market we headed to our actual destination of Bijou Park in Lake Tahoe for a family reunion of some very good friends of our family.
I love this picture of John and I. I think it must become an 8 X 10 on my wall. Three generations. My beautiful mom Emily, me and my lovely daughter Valerie. I love this one too, must become an 8 X 10 on the wall.

And just for your viewing pleasure a nice shot of the Sierras taken at Bijou Park.
Ahhh, what a great weekend!
This post is all backwards sorry! After we went to KMart we headed over to Marshalls in Lodi. We went there just because we love Marshalls! I have wanted a pair of Converse for months and months! Well today because I got such good deals on the stuff for my kids I treated myself to these cute little brown and pink Converse. $24.98! I also found this cool Beatles t-shirt for $7.99. I splurged but didn't feel too guilty because of the great prices. I do love a bargain!!!!!

Saturday John and I set out to find a table and chairs for my daughters first apartment. He is a good sport because he spent all day shopping with me. We hit some garage sales and some consignment shops in Downtown Lodi Ca. I came upon this little table and chairs at Hummelking. It is the perfect size for a small apartment. My cost $65.00! SCORE!

Then we head over to Big Lots and KMart to look for futons. Don't find a futon. However, I did not realize that KMart had such nice boys shirts! I bought my 11 yr old son 5 t shirts, 10 pairs of socks and a backpack. All at great prices!!! I am totally happy now!!!!


  1. What a beautiful vacation spot! And those are some awesome deals you scored too.