Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A "Manly" Birthday Card and a Bathroom Basket

OK, So I learned how to stack my pictures correctly so they will be in order of my blog title. Woohoo! Baby steps!!!
Tomorrow is my friend Eddie's birthday. I made him this little card using the top note die from Stampin Up', a huge paper clip, some scrapbook paper, adhesive and a birthday stamp. I am also going to Smart Foods to buy him one of those big cupcakes that is wrapped up in a clear container. These nice cupcakes are $2.99. Just an inexpensive yet creative way to wish my friend a Happy Birthday! I found this nice big heavy duty basket at the Assistance League Thrift Store in Stockton. It was $6.00 and I really didn't want to pay that much. But it is a nice basket and the proceeds go to a worthy cause so I cut loose with the six bucks! Ouch!
It does work out nicely in my bathroom as a nice storage piece in a small area.


  1. I love the manly birthday card's great and I might steal it. :)

  2. The latter should have been filled with manly toiletries since it looks like an ordinary gift basket.