Monday, December 7, 2009

A furry new addition to our household!

My son Zach and I went to meet Eva the Diva tonight. She looks bigger than she really is in this photo. But she is a tiny little love bug with long legs. The foster mom said she believes she is part Toy Fox Terrier and Jack Russell. We don't really care what breed she is, we just fell in love with her sweet personality. The nice foster mom has potty trained her and says she is about 6 months old. Can barely wait til Friday to get back and pick her up!!!
This is my new baby girl! (oh wait, this is Zach's puppy!) :) We all know who will really be taking care of her anyway now don't we? :)


  1. How cute Tina... You will have fun with your ahem... I mean Zach's baby girl! ;)

  2. She is adorable! Before I came to Kuwait, I had a wire-haired fox terrier named Scooter. I loved that dog and when I left, put him on a plane to Dallas to live with a friend who had just lost her cocker spaniel. Good for her, hardest thing I ever had to do. I thought I would be away 2 years, and I've been here 15 years. Scooter lived with Beverly until he was 15. He died in about 2002. I never forgot him. Pets bring such a special love to your home. I know that you will be blessed with her presence. :) Tammy

  3. You will love her for a very long time Tina. I know Zach will be thrilled when you pick her up and bring her to her new forever home. I can hardly wait to meet her. So happy for you (and Zach)! Eva is a lucky little girl to get such a loving home. :o)