Saturday, December 12, 2009

I am in love with our furry new addition!

Zach and I picked up Eva yesterday. I am not exaggerating when I tell you this little girl is a love! I must admit that I need her right now more than she needs me. It was my sons weekend to go to his dads so it is just me Eva and my cat Holly this weekend. I am adjusting to being single again and with the Holiday season I will tell you that it is not so easy.
Eva went potty when I took her outside! Yippee!!!
Then she snuggled by me while watching TV. And being the bad pet owner, I didn't put her in the crate to sleep. I let her sleep in my bed. She is such a little snuggler!
Holly the Queen cat is even adjusting. She slept by my feet and is just checking out this new addition with much caution. We think Eva is part Toy Fox terrier and Jack Russell Terrier, but you would never guess that by her mellowness. As I sit here typing she is lying down in my lap as content as can be.

Had to buy her this cute little sweater! My friend said if we start wearing matching clothes, she is going to have me committed to a mental hospital :)

My son really didn't want to leave for the weekend with his new puppy here. But he will have plenty of time to bond. Since I am the Momma, I think it was perfect for me to be alone with Eva for the weekend to get her adjusted to her new home.


  1. Oh my goodness Tina, she is as precious as she can be. Looks like she's adjusting to the Hulburt household just fine. If she passed the Holly test, she's gotta be good!!! I love that they both slept with you ~ want a snuggly first night for her to feel wanted. I love her sweater ~ where's your's? LOL!!! Hope you're enjoying your Birthday and hope my card got there in time! Love 'n real tight hugs, Julia

  2. Your new family member is sooooooo adorable! Looks like you are all bonding very well. Dogs just make ya all cozy and safe feeling. I am so glad you are enjoying her, and I am sure your son will have lots of bonding time. Glad she was there to share your birthday! Hugs, Judy~

  3. I don't blame you for being in love. She looks like a true sweetie! I always grew up with dogs, but it is hard to have one in Kuwait. My husband is not a huge dog fan -- I told him one day, I might kick him out and get a slew of puppies. HA! Enjoy little Eva! Blessings, Tammy