Sunday, January 24, 2010

A lovely afternoon of crafting with some lovely ladies

Yesterday afternoon I had some of my favorite crafters and bloggers over for some Valentines crafting. My friend and craft mentor Julia (that I mention frequently in my blog) is the lovely lady on the right. Julia got me started with card making many years ago and is truly my craft mentor! The lovely lady sitting down is my longtime friend Laura. I am hoping to craft again with Laura. I want her to get the craft bug like the rest of us!

Julia had posted these cute mailboxes and some other very crafty Valentines day crafts at her blog. Julia and her twin sister Judy, pre-cut all our supplies and had everything ready to go for our Valentines mailboxes. They showed us how to put the mailboxes together and helped us make 3X3 Valentines Day cards. These 2 ladies love love love paper crafts and love to share! They rock!
Then we have the lovely Jenny and Emilie, my crafty friends and bloggers. These two ladies host Moments (Moms Off the Clock) events at their home. Used to be monthly, but with busy lives and a new baby for Emilie we haven't been able to get together like we used to. Jenny has a blog called Lipstick and Laundry and you will find many great posts at her blog. Jenny is very creative and great writer! Emilie has a blog as well titled Bunch of Scrap .
Emilie is also very creative and a great writer!!! These 2 ladies got me back into the craftbug and inspired me to start a blog! Thanks Ladies!!!

Then we have the lovely Dawn. We work at the same company and are members of an employee non profit group. I found out Dawn was a fan of Stampin' Up and was also looking forward to crafting. She is my newest crafty friend!

Here we have the lovely Sheri giving you a nice view of our little mailboxes. Sheri is a member of Moments as well. Sheri loves crafting and has a blog too!!! Hers is titled Daughter of an Artist. Again, another great writer who shares her passion for her family and friends, baking, crafts and so much more. Sheri is so sweet she already blogged about our fun craft day! So if you want to see more hop on over to Sheri's blog.
We had fun! It was so relaxing to sit at the table and chat and create.
When we were done making our mailboxes and cards we had Kahlua Bundt Cake.
I was going to try the Blueberry Sour Cream cake, but decided to go with a cake that I had made before and knew for sure was dee-lish. But come to find out Jenny tried the recipe from
Lick the Bowl Good and says it is very good! Like a blueberry donut! So I do need to try this recipe someday!


  1. Tina thanks for hosting! It was so much fun, I prefer to craft with friends... A perfect way to spend my Saturday afternoon!

  2. Looks like all you girls had a lot of fun crafting. I don't have any crafty friends here anymore. Okay, maybe a few, but we never, ever get together to craft. Boo! Hope you are having a great Monday. :) Tammy

  3. Thanks for having us over Tina! I'm glad you went with the kahlua cake 'cause it was yummy! Let's do it again sometime!

  4. Your friends are so much fun Tina and they took to Stampin' UP! like pros. That cake you made was soooOOOOO good ~ Bob loved the piece you let me bring home to him too. You're the BEST Hostess EVER! Thanks again for having us into your beautiful home ~ love your decorating. Hugs, Julia