Friday, January 1, 2010

No more slacking, got to get crafting!!!

I have been on vacation since Christmas. In the last 7 days I have been to the movies 3 times! I have rented 7 movies and by the end of the night I will have watched 10 movies in the last 7 days! I think that may be a record for me. I feel so guilty!!! At least I can say that I have kept my house up (somewhat )as well as the laundry and made homemade chicken noodle soup today (I guess watching, Julie/Julia may have inspired me to cook just a little bit). So I am not a total slacker right???? Yikes! I think I need to get back to work and get in a routine again! I also got a trip to San Francisco squeezed in with my kids to celebrate my daughters 21st birthday. But I still feel like a slacker!!!!
We are having a 3 birthday celebration at my house tomorrow. I was planning on copying an idea from Imperfectly Beautiful for a monogrammed cupcake tower, but am now leaning towards something different, like the $12.99 ice cream pies at Coldstone Creamery. The cupcake tier would be impressive, but the ice cream pies will taste better. What to do??????

After the party, I think life will get back to normal and I will look forward to getting into some Valentine crafts.

I took an inventory of what supplies I had on hand. Thanks to Julia I have lots of paper!!! I also found some ribbon and embellishments, just need some fresh ideas! Have any you want to share????? Stay tuned, I will figure out something to do with these supplies soon! I promise ;)


  1. Yikes! I just typed a whole comment and then it disappeared. Ugh! So -- again, happy crafting. Vacations are for relaxing and doing whatever you want. Of course, sometimes I feel guilty too if I don't feel like I accomplished enough each and every day. Back to school on Monday and a regular routine, early morning hours (not looking forward to that). We watched The Blind Side the other day -- excellent, inspiring, feel good movie. Wishing you a wonderfuld day. Blessings, Tammy

  2. Looks like you are ready for Valentine's day... I found some cute ideas on the County Home website....

  3. Everybody deserves a break from the routine once in a while! Sounds like you stayed busy, even if a lot of it included relaxing. I'm sure you will be able to use all that stuff up for Valentine's creations, looks like all the colors are right! Check my blog Tina, I made my first Valentine's Card for 2010 on New Year's Day! Plenty more to come, that's for sure. Hugs, Julia