Sunday, August 23, 2009

A busy but oh so fun weekend!!

Yes a busy weekend and yes I am tired. But what a great weekend!!! I just couldn't wait to share! First I went to a Stampin' Up' take and make taught by my friend and craft mentor Julia.
We made this simple yet elegant birthday card and these very easy to put together gift card envelopes. I purchased a stamp set and curly punch for these cute Boo! bags. (Yes, I am still on a bag kick!) I love the way the stamp is matched to the punch.
Then rush home to head into Oakland for an A's game. I grew up in the Bay Area and am a big fan of the A's but hadn't been to a game in years!!! They won by 1! Go A's!!!
Then they had awesome fireworks! We got to sit on the field to watch them! They were in celebration of the Woodstock 40th anniversary. So, in addition to totally awesome fireworks, we got to hear Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, Sly and the Family Stone, Jimmy Hendrix and more!!! It was awesome! Fireworks bring out my inner child! What a great day!!!OK, so my camera added 20 pounds to me haha! But I had to share this picture!!! We were at the California State Fair today. In the Candy exhibit building they had this most adorable Lucy lookalike. She was great! I participated in a re enactment of the famous I Love Lucy candy factory episode. It was hilarious! Sorry, I couldn't get the video to post!
If you get a chance to go to the fair do not miss the candy exhibit and be sure to say hi to Lucy!

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