Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Halloween is coming! Candycorn time!

OK, I know I am probably a dork. But finding these new Hershey's Candy Corn Kisses at Target made my day! How cool are these? As an avid crafter I knew immediately they would be a perfect compliment to my forever growing stock of Halloween treat bags!
Asked my co workers do the taste testing (and myself of course) and got a thumbs up from everyone. They taste like a creamy white chocolate candy corn. (YUM!)
There is a recipe for Reese's Candy Corn Autumn Cookies on the back of the bag! I am sure I will be buying a lot these for baking and filling all those treat bags!
I am oh so ready for Fall!!!!


  1. Yummy! Can hardly wait to see what kind of container (bag) you find to show those off in!

  2. Love the wrappers... and in answer to your question... No, not a white chocolate fan {can you believe it} what chocoholic doesn't like white chocolate...? Why this chocoholic of course! ;)

  3. Oh, they have fall candy now?? Yay!!

  4. Oh I so hope that I can find these in my Target! I have got to try those!!! I can't wait for Fall :)