Sunday, August 2, 2009

Decorating on a Nickel :)

I almost titled this "I dub myself the Queen of Decorating on a Dime", but decided I am too humble for that and I am sure that there are far more crafty out there than I. As my daughter is moving to Monterey in two weeks to go to college I have become a junkin' junkie!! However, my junkin' finds don't stop with my daughter I have some re-makes of my own going on. Oops a little out of order again, but here we go. These lovely black and gold curtains were found a couple of months ago at a church rummage sale and cost next to nothing. I wasn't sure where they were going to go, but I figured that out today. As you will see in the next photos I took my solid black panels that I purchased at Lowe's last year for 9 or 10 dollars each and put them in my bedroom. I put these lovely black and gold panels in my kitchen. Adds just a little pop! My bedroom scheme is changing to black and white due to a different headboard. John is moving also, so we swapped out our beds as his king was too big for his new room. As you can see the black panels from the kitchen worked nicely in my bedroom. I also had these white panels that I had previously removed from my children's rooms when we moved into this house. I washed them and put them away thinking I could use them someday. Today was that day! The tassels were saved from the previous curtains I had in my bedroom. I am loving the black and white.

This is the inspiration for my bedroom re-do. I made these last year. I took some washed out looking frames and prints and painted the frames black and used scrapbook paper for the print. I love these. They were previously in my hallway, but look much better behind my headboard!

I have such vision for this little wood box! I got it at a garage sale for $2.00. It is to become my daughters coffee table. I will post the after pictures. This is my plan: Sand it and paint it black (I love black!) and then I am going paint the top 1/2 white and 1/2 black and do some stenciling. I saw a great idea on Etsy and am going to try to reproduce it! Can't wait to get it done and show it to you!

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