Saturday, August 8, 2009

I love scrapbooking paper!

I really do love scrapbooking paper! I really love it when it goes on sale for 5 sheets for .95 cents at Joanne's! Was there last night to pick up some fall and Halloween paper for some upcoming crafts.
This is what is so great about having a supply of different designed scrapbooking paper in your house. I am getting ready to head out to my sons football game this morning and look over at my "Disneyland" coin jar. (there really are coins saved, I just dumped them out for the photo for some odd reason??). Anyway, I think this jar looks really plain. I grab a couple pieces of scrap paper left over from other projects, my paper cutter, two way tape and ribbon and now have this cute little coin saver! It only took a few minutes and I won't be late for football! I love scrapbook paper! And I am really excited about my Fall and Halloween projects which I am hoping to get to very soon!!!! Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. very cute! I have a peanut can I use for change. Ill have to use some scrapbook paper to cutesy it up!!!