Thursday, August 13, 2009

Showing some CSUMB love!

The countdown is on! Val's little going away party is tomorrow night and her move to Monterey is Sunday! YIKES!!!
In my effort to have a nice little party but not spend a lot of dough I have come up with a few inexpensive decorations. Yesterday I posted the Good Luck Val banner.
Today we have little CSUMB banners in dollar store vases with rocks and glass stones to hold them up. They will do nicely on a few tables. (I found all CSUMB images on line) Next, I have another banner, but this one with the CSUMB mascot. I actually made two of these. 3 banners in all to hang. I think that should dress things up a bit!
This is a close up of that cute little Otter! I am loving the Otter!

Lastly, just a little decoration for Val's room. John saw this lounge sign while we were in Reno and photgraphed it. It reads "Val's Midtown Lounge". I printed it out in black and white. Had a black frame sitting around, grabbed some scrapbook paper that would match her room and here you go! Hope Val likes my style! I am not sure sending a young woman off to college with a lounge sign is appropriate?? I only did it because her name was on it of course and the martini glass looked cool, a little retro. Then you toss in some lepoard print and we are back in the day! (yes, a little before my time, but I am familiar with the era :)


  1. are just a craftin maniac lately! You know I love all the paper crafts... I live and breathe them!