Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween Peet Pots

I found another use for peet pots! Very simple. Crepe paper, ribbon, rickrack, construction paper, buttons and a little hot glue and we have Halloween Baskets ready for some candy!!!

I cut a large circle of crepe paper using a large mixing bowl as a pattern. I tucked paper into the peet pot tucking and pushing inwards to the bottom of the pot. Then I cut a strip of heavy construction paper for a handle and glued the handles inside the pot. I tied ribbon around either end of the handle. I then hot glued a ribbon or rickrack around the outside of the pot, and embellished with whatever I had on hand, sticker on a scallop circle, or a button with twine. I am thinking I better go out and get some orange crepe paper and can do even more with these pots!


  1. Those are so cute Tina ~ orange would work well too, you're right! You sure do come up with some neat stuff. Julia

  2. Very cute! I don't think we can get peat pots around here but mind be able to find something else I could work with! :)