Monday, September 21, 2009

Smooth Criminals!

I really need to vent today. But I promise to leave you on a happy note!

Last Friday was payday, I paid some bills, was feeling good and decided to treat myself to a long overdue pedicure after work. Life is good, paying bills, getting toes done and it is the weekend!

But when I get home my daughter tells me the bank called and I am to call them back. I do and am asked if I wrote a check in Texas for $2600.00. WHAT??? I said "Hell no". To make this long story short, somehow, someway, someone got access to my name address and checking account number and mailed a bogus check with my return address in Lodi, from New York NY, to someone in Allen Texas and that someone walked into Chase Bank in Plano Texas and tried to cash the check for $2600.00. Luckily the assistant manager thought something was wrong and the check was not cashed. She was able to get a copy of the postmarked envelope the check came in and a fingerprint of the person who tried to cash it.

After getting all my banking squared away and opening a new account I took the information the bank gave me to the Lodi Police department this morning and filed a complaint. All the information was forwarded to the Plano Texas police department and I sure hope they act on this to prevent this from happening to someone else! What a nightmare!!!! How do these criminals sleep at night, how do they get the information?? I am just perplexed and angry as well!!!! Thanks for letting me vent! I feel better! :)

Now I will finish on that happy note I promised. I still have lots of ideas for more and more Halloween/Fall crafty stuff!!!! I made the pocket folds last year and I still like them so they are on the list again this year. These are very very simple to make. The candy and the embellishments are the big hits in these.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to have no more negative venting to do for a long long time.


  1. Glad to hear you got your banking horror taking care of. It is just amazing how people can think up this stuff and if bank personnel don't think something is fishy, someone could actually get away with it. It happened here with an account that was closed for more than a year after my father-in-law died, and the people at the bank didn't stop the transaction. My husband had to sort it all out. Isn't it funny that you make Russian Tea Cakes, the recipe I made from a friend is called Mexican Wedding Cookies, and yet when I used to make them in Louisiana, I would roll them up smaller and they were called "Sand Tarts" (I lost the recipe and was glad when a friend passed on the Wedding Cookie recipe to me). I'm sure there are lots of other people out there making and calling them by all kinds of names. Love your pocket folds with candy. Great gift item! Have a great day!

  2. I can't believe it... That is awful... I am glad you and your bank were on it asap... Like the pocket folds! Hope your week improves greatly!