Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pumpkin Snowman Mania!!!

Yes I have fallen in love with this little guy!!! I found the frames and put 5 of these together today. I used Stampin' Up paper for all of the projects today. The little stamp is from Stampin' Up also. Each one is a little different.
And then I thought he would look cute on a goodie bag.

And cute on these little goodie bags too!! Told you I was going to wear out this little stamp! :)

In total I have 5 Pumpkin Snowman frames, 3 orange and 3 green bags, and 3 white bags.
Not bad for a Sunday afternoon. I did manage to go to church, do 1 load of laundry, make dinner and change the kitty litter box. So I don't feel like I totally ignored everything else. The rest can wait until tomorrow or maybe Tuesday??? haha!!!!


  1. Girl, you are on a roll! I just caught up on all your latest craftiness. Fun! You need to host a craft night and invite us all to come create with you!!!

  2. You're doing awesome Tina ~ that little snowman pumpkin really has you on a roll! I love the bags with the top note die too ..everything is so cute. :o)